Matrimonial Services

Cohen Greve & Company offers forensic accounting, litigation support and business valuation services to matrimonial attorneys. Financial issues in divorce require a clear understanding of matters far beyond child and spousal support issues.

These are complex matters, particularly when parties are business owners, highly compensated employees, executives, belong to wealthy families or when there is significant disparity in the level of assets titled in the names of the divorcing parties.

In a matrimonial action, knowledge is power. The better informed client will negotiate from a better position. Our analysis helps attorneys and their clients understand complex financial issues so that important decisions can be made and a successful resolution be achieved.

There are three key financial issues in any divorce:

  • Accurately identifying and valuing all assets, including businesses, stock options and other similar compensation awards, qualified and non-qualified retirement plans, professional licenses and the like.
  • Calculating the after-tax cash flow of the settlement in order to understand the after-tax cost of support to be paid or the net amount received. The underlying tax basis of assets to be received can be critical during negotiations.
  • Financial and tax implications for post-divorce life, including the tax impact on anticipated cash-flow based on income analysis. Without this, it is difficult for the parties to fully understand and accept their post-divorce financial situation. Understanding how the mixture of assets being received and support (where applicable) will provide income for their lifestyle often removes a key obstacle during the settlement process.

Forensic accounting services for matrimonial attorneys include:

  • Pre- or post-nuptial agreement valuation
  • Value business interests and intangible assets
  • Lifestyle analysis
  • Trace assets
  • Prepare net worth statements and financial affidavits in accordance with Jurisdictional requirements
  • Evaluate tax consequences of equitable distribution and support
  • Analysis and negotiation of settlement agreements
  • Identify and quantify the income and cash flow available to pay child and spousal support
  • Assist in deposition of opposing experts and fact witnesses
  • Provide expert testimony

Professionals at the firm have worked on matters including:

Uncovering multi-million perks for a CEO of a brand-name publicly held company who was positing his income as six figures when in fact it was actually significantly higher with the perks added in.

Discovering unreported income in connection with a privately held business that resulted in a dramatic increase in the value of a business used for equitable distribution.

Analysis of opposing party’s settlement proposal with attorney and client, then developing a strategy for maximizing successful negotiation of a settlement agreement.

Cohen Greve has been appointed as neutral in Nassau and Westchester counties. We are considered available to be appointed as neutral in Suffolk County.