Forensic Accounting and Litigation Support Services

Cohen Greve & Company is an accounting firm with a dedicated, credentialed team of highly trained and experienced professionals who provide forensic accounting services to attorneys – matrimonial, corporate and criminal – as well as private investigators, government agencies, and other financial professionals. The firm has offices in Mineola, New York and in midtown New York City.

Our services include accounting and fraud investigations, asset tracking and analysis, investigations into personal and business finances, shareholder disputes, tax analysis, evaluating detailed and complex financial and accounting records, fraud detection and investigations.

Our skilled forensic accountants identify key risk areas and assist in developing and implementing deterrent plans to create a system that recognizes fraud and fraud risk. We have lengthy experience in identifying failures in inventory management and developing preventative controls for future deterrence.

For business owners and their legal counsel, we assist in the investigation and identification of any breach in management integrity. Our trained professionals isolate the issues, performing financial analysis and quantifying economic losses for use in negotiations as well as in litigation proceedings.

Our forensic accountants have served as expert witnesses in arbitration and trial.

We provide a superior work product, an unparalleled depth of knowledge and a focus on client services.

We also assist insurance professionals with fraud and forensics services for lost profit claims.

Matters we have worked on include:

  • Uncovered inconsistent tax treatment that resulted in the discovery of hidden assets in a company that had declared bankruptcy after having a major judgement decided against it.
  • Multi-million dollar fraud and embezzlement cases in a manufacturing company.
  • Reconstructed unreported income derived from a privately held business that resulted in a higher value of the business for equitable distribution.
  • Identified “ghost vendors” that were owned by company employees and had been used as a means of stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars over an extended period of time.

For information about our forensics practice, call J. Timothy Sherman, Managing Partner, at 516-877-1900.